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UneekDose drug management system

Multiple Prescriptions

Managing multiple prescriptions can be a very challenging task.

multiple prescriptions

Introducing UneekDose™

UneekDose™ simplifies your medication management and ensures that you take your medications exactly as your doctor prescribed.


Take Charge of Your Health

Your medication management is now simplified and organized.

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Prescription meds sorted

Simplify your life

You don't need to juggle different pill bottles and organize your prescriptions throughout the day. You don't need to take trips to the pharmacy and wait in long lines to get your medications. Let us handle all the hard work and stress for you.

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Everything you would need from a Pharmacy

Your prescriptions sorted, packed, and delivered right to your door
UneekDose-medicines delivered home for free

Peace of Mind

Every patient with Pharmaneek Pharmacy has their medication prepared and verified by one of our pharmacists for the current medication cycle. To ensure the accuracy of each dose, UneekDose™ offers options for different times of the day such as: early morning, late morning, morning, noon, afternoon, late afternoon, evening, bedtime, and midnight.
Drug Reconciliation

Your Day With UneekDose™

Your pills come presorted based on when you take them throughout the day. Each packet is clearly labeled with the date, time, and medication names.

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Drug Reconciliation
Free Home Delivery

Hand Delivered on time

Your medications will be delivered to your home by our courteous drivers at NO EXTRA COST.
Proactive refill management

Proactive Refill management

We contact your doctors and insurance company to manage your refills, so you don’t have to.
Pharmaneek Pharmacist

Our pharmacists are Happy to help

Whether it is a question on medications, insurance, or regular refills our pharmacists are standing by to take your call and answer your questions.